Diversity Facilitators

Diversity Facilitators

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What You Need To Know

Diversity facilitating requires a year-long commitment. In addition to your duties during Advisor Training and O-Week, you are required to participate in the following:

  1. Attend "Dialogues on Diversity" each Friday and facilitate at least one dialogue a semester.
  2. Attend monthly Diversity Facilitator meetings.
  3. Introduce yourself (and your partner) to your O-Week College leadership (Magisters & President) to discuss possible goals/activities for the year.
  4. Be an active, participatory member of your college's Diversity Council/Committee.
  5. Work with your college to provide programs on issues of diversity.
  6. Be available, as needed, to address issues/concerns as they arise.
  7. Be a visible and vocal diversity advocate in your residential college and everyday life.
  8. Provide diversity workshops "on-demand" (e.g. Spring Orientation, college requests, etc.)
  9. Assist in interviewing the next round of Diversity Facilitators.
  10. Attend all meetings and respond to all communications in a timely manner.
  11. Be a vigilant ally to students from historically underrepresented communities.

**Please note, involvement in O-Week requires a minimum 2.5 GPA.**

Diversity Facilitators continue promoting campus unity and respect for diversity throughout the year, in part, via the “Dialogues on Diversity” series. These open, campus-wide discussions are held on Fridays at 12:00 PM in Miner Lounge (unless noted otherwise) and cover a variety of cultural and social issues. Facilitators may program in their college and are available to address campus concerns as needed.

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DF Poster

Diversity Facilitators 2021 - 2022

Name Email Address Residential College
Aishani Gargapati asg10@rice.edu Wiess
Ambreen Younas asy4@rice.edu Martel
Angelina Hall aah8@rice.edu Brown
Becca Mak rcm9@rice.edu Duncan
Chidera Ibezue ici1@rice.edu Jones
Chloe Hur sh85@rice.edu Hanszen
David Palmer dlp6@rice.edu Martel
Esteban Pantoja ep27@rice.edu Jones
Gabriel Saenz vs45@rice.edu Sid Richardson
Jennifer Penaloza jp79@rice.edu Will Rice
Katimah Harper kh47@rice.edu Duncan
Manshi Patel mpp5@rice.edu McMurtry
Marc Armeña mba4@rice.edu Hanszen
Marcy Zere mgz2@rice.edu Will Rice
Melissa Carmona mgc6@rice.edu Lovett
Natasha Patnaik np37@rice.edu McMurtry
Nilka Montero nm37@rice.edu Coordinator (Sid Richardson)
Sanchu Raghuvir sr75@rice.edu Sid Richardson
Sarah Eunsu Kim ek34@rice.edu Hanszen
Soha Rizvi sar9@rice.edu Coordinator (Will Rice)
Spring Xia yx53@rice.edu Baker
Taylor Montgomery trm5@rice.edu Brown
Trisha Gupta tg23@rice.edu Lovett
Warda Mohammad wam2@rice.edu Wiess