Diversity Facilitators

Diversity Facilitators

What You Need To Know

Diversity facilitating requires a year-long commitment. In addition to your duties during Advisor Training and O-Week, you are required to participate in the following:

  1. Host weekly "office hours" in a public space in your residential college.
  2. Attend Friday “Dialogues on Diversity” each Friday you are able.
  3. Facilitate at least one dialogue a semester.
  4. Attend monthly Diversity Facilitator meetings.
  5. Be available, as needed, to address issues/concerns as they arise.
  6. Attend mandatory spring training upon selection to serve.

Please note that involvement in O-Week requires a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Diversity Facilitators continue promoting campus unity and respect for diversity throughout the year, in part, via the “Dialogues on Diversity” series. These open, campus-wide discussions are held on Fridays at 12:00 PM in Miner Lounge (unless noted otherwise) and cover variety of cultural and social issues. Facilitators may program in their college and are available to address campus concerns as needed.

Dialogues on DiversityDF Poster

Diversity Facilitators 2020 - 2021

Name Email Address Residential College
Alexis McAlister abm2@rice.edu Wiess
Amy Lin asl9@rice.edu Hanszen
Amy Mu awm6@rice.edu Baker
Anika Jain aaj11@rice.edu McMurtry
Becca Mak rcm9@rice.edu Jones
Cameron Diao cwd2@rice.edu Brown
Derin Okunubi mao5@rice.edu Lovett
Esteban Pantoja ep27@rice.edu Duncan
Gordan Liu gtl1@rice.edu McMurtry
Jiya Ghei jg77@rice.edu Wiess
Katimah Harper kh47@rice.edu Brown
Lindsay Josephs ltj1@rice.edu Coordinator (Duncan)
Malaika Bergner mjb17@rice.edu Martel
Morgan Seay ms147@rice.edu Will Rice
Nilka Montero nm37@rice.edu Duncan
Nishant Pradhan np5@rice.edu Coordinator (Martel)
Sahana Prabhu sp65@rice.edu Martel
Soha Rizvi sar9@rice.edu Hanszen
Sophia Pereira sgp4@rice.edu Sid Rich
Summer Shabana ses12@rice.edu Baker
Talha Arif tsa4@rice.edu Will Rice
Taylor Montgomery trm5@rice.edu Sid Rich
Warda Mohamed wam2@rice.edu Jones

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